Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pizza Pans

The next time you see a good deal on pizza pans; the un-fancy non-perforated kind, I urge you to invest in at least four.  Although six would be better, just in case, and they are very easy to find space for in the kitchen.  Here's a list of good reasons why.

  • You will always have a lid for almost every size of pot and pan
  • One pizza pan inverted over another pizza pan and covered with a warm towel is a good way to keep tortillas and other flat breads warm at the table
  • Cover a pizza pan with a pretty cloth napkin for an inviting tray of appetizers
  • Tape the corners of the cloth napkin beneath the pizza pan to make chargers for a prettier table setting
  • Serve you messier children (and guests) on a pizza pan, there is a wider playing field and raised edges to contain the strays
  • If you ever have need of a 12" circular stencil, need I say pizza pan?
  • Make pizza on them!

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