Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flash Tips

I have a lot of cooking knowledge crammed into my brain, but it is shoved in there with a bunch of other stuff and sometimes hard to access.  This blog was started so I could share what I know, but oftentimes the tips I would like to share bubble up out of nowhere when I'm busy doing something else.

Remembering not to forget that tidbit before it gets written down is easier said than done these days.  Hey, I'm still writing my book series, trying to market the first book and running two blogs, so there's a lot on mind at any given time.

Henceforth, the occasional Flash Tip will burst forth from Spoon!  Priceless pearls of culinary wisdom delivered guerrilla style before they fade away.  How many and how often depend on my brain and what it decides to send up, today's offering was oddly inspired by my making an untoasted bagel.

  1. One thing your diners will always appreciate, especially in cold weather, is warm plates or bowls.  One of my favorite tricks is put the serving dishes into the oven after I've pulled out whatever was cooking and turned the oven off.  The residual heat will do the work nicely, but make sure to give the plates a quick touch before pulling them out, you might need a towel to protect your hand.  If I'm just using the stove top to prepare the food, I put the plates near the back when I start cooking so they will be toasty when the food's up.  You can put a clean towel or napkin over the top plate to protect from spatter, which leads to my next tip.
  2. BECOME COMPULSIVE ABOUT CHECKING THE STOVE FOR POTENTIAL FIRE STARTERS.  I look at the burners every time I go into the kitchen, whether or not I am even cooking.  Towels, pot holders, wooden spoons, plastic handles, toothpicks and puddles of grease are all flammable under the right conditions.  This time of year can see a lot of traffic in the kitchen, so make sure your home stays safe from easily avoided disasters.

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